About me:

I am an Assistant Professor in the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence department at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. My research focuses on understanding how people learn and make decisions by using traditional experimental techniques paired with computational models of behavior. I teach courses and supervise Master's students in both Data Science and Cognitive Science. I am also the coordinator for Master's theses in CSAI and Data Science & Society.


Recent papers:

Khoe, Y. H., Perfors, A., and Hendrickson, A. T. (in press). Modeling individual performance in cross-situational word learning. In Proceedings of the 41th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. [ PsyArXiv ]

Hendrickson, A. T. and Perfors, A. (in press). Cross-situational learning in a zipfian environment. Cognition. [ PsyArXiv ]

Hendrickson, A. T., Navarro, D. J., Perfors, A., and Ransom, K. (in press). Sample size, number of categories and sampling assumptions: Exploring some differences between categorization and generalization. Cognitive Psychology. [ PsyArXiv ]

Vong, W. K., Hendrickson, A. T., Navarro, D. J., and Perfors, A. (in press). Do additional features help or hurt category learning? the curse of dimensionality in human learners. Cognitive PsychologyOSF | PsyArXiv ]

Hendrickson, A. T., Wang, J., and Atzmueller, M. (2018). Identifying exceptional descriptions of people using topic modeling and subgroup discovery. [ pdf ]

Langsford, S., Perfors, A., Hendrickson, A. T., Kennedy, L. A., and Navarro, D. J. (2018). Quantifying sentence acceptability measures: Reliability, bias, and variability. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 3(1). [ DOI | pdf ]